Foundation Drainage

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What is it?

If your foundation stands in the way of the natural path of water, it's going to build up against the foundation. As the soil around the house settles, the backfill soil begins to dip lower than the virgin soil. Water will then find the lowest point and that will be your basement.

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Exterior footing drains are designed to handle this water. However, drains can easily become clogged which causes the backfill to become saturated. This added weight creates an enormous amount of force on the walls. Properly designed and constructed footing and foundation walls are often strong enough to hold up for many years.

Foundation Drainage
Foundation Drainage

However, the combined pressures of gravity, soil swelling with water, freezing and thawing, hydrostatic pressure, and tree roots, among other forces, are all working together to break through. Sooner or later, a crack will form, a seal will break, or something else will give way.

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Foundation Drainage
Foundation Drainage

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There are many causes and cures for drainage problems. Some of the problems are fixed by adding drainage solutions to the outside of the home, but there are factors in the basement also. If you are experiencing any dampness or flooding in your basement, we can help there too. Visit our Affordable Basement Solutions site, or contact us now for more information.

Foundation Drainage Foundation Drainage